Use Adobe Fuse To Create 3D Storyboards in Photoshop

In gaining some feedback from his introductory look for using Adobe Fuse for Cinematography Design, Technical DP Matt Workman posts another endeavor with Fuse. This time Matt shows how you can use Adobe Fuse as a solution for raising the sophistication of storyboards in Photoshop.

You can import custom 3D models in OBJ and you can light the scene with Image Base Lighting or IBL

Adobe Fuse, generally was developed to work with Photoshop, with better integration with PS’s 3D environment. In fact, if you haven’t checked out Photoshop’s 3D tools, you can create, import light, texture and even render 3D elements without leaving the application.

Here Matt shows how you can import custom 3D models into PS as OBJ’s, add lighting to the scene with an IBL (Image based lighting solution).

Matt Workman is a Technical DP and the founder of Cinematography Database.