Working With Adobe Fuse and Cinema 4D & Photoshop

With the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud, Flash was nowhere to be seen, but a new preview took the spotlight. Adobe Fuse is a new desktop application, with a cloud component that will allow you to create, dress, and animate 3D characters to place them in your work.

With Adobe Fuse, you can easily create, customize, and export 3D characters with rigged skeletons and integrate a library of motion capture data.

The idea behind Adobe Fuse was to let users use 3D characters in Photoshop — Which is the only Adobe application that can handle any type of 3D object with any degree of competence right now. That might seem to be a strange addition to PS, but really, Adobe Fuse is an acquisition from Mixamo, who wanted to make character animation and its use as easy as using stock photography.

Adobe Fuse, for the most part, will represent a majority of users first foray into any type of 3D. There is good news, however, if you are a seasoned 3D pro, who has never used characters due to their complexity. Adobe Fuse can export as common 3D formats that can be read in other applications like Cinema 4D, Maya, or anything that can read an OBJ or FBX file.

Here, Motion Graphics Artist Sean Frangella offers an extensive look at getting to know Adobe Fuse, while also taking a focus on getting the Fuse content to other applications like Photoshop and Cinema 4D.