Learn To Slice Through Fluids Correctly in RealFlow

Vfx, fluid simulations, & 3d generalist  Beso Mzhavanadze offers a quick look at how to create the effect of liquid being sliced through by a solid object. RealFlow can handle a variety of effects for simulation, including rigid, fluid, and viscous dynamics effects. Some effects are trickier to set up than others.

Creating an effect of a solid object slicing through liquid, is a fairly simple one. There is a small trick to get the fluid to part correctly while still behaving like a fluid. The problem is that when you set the particles to actually have contact with the solid object, you loose the liquid look to the effect. Beso uses the Filter Daemon in RealFlow to have the dynamics look properly.

The Filter Daemon in RealFlow offers a way to swap particles from one emitter to another, and in this case, is a great way to get the particles to act like they are liquid once again.