Enable Legacy Maya HyperShade Mode in Maya 2016

I am not one to go back to “the old ways”. I like to push ahead and try to use the latest tools. Although I really love the new additions the to completely revamped Maya Hypershade, sometimes, it gets to be too much overhead for the task at hand.

If you are a Maya developer, and need to test your tools with previous versions of the Maya HyperShade, you can do this without having to pop back out into an older version of Maya.

This is what Andrew Hazelden notes in his latest posting, as he was trying to make improvements to DomeMaster 3D.

Andrew shows how you can alter the environmental variable and get back the legacy HyperShade in Maya that you either may be accustom to, or need. Visit, Andrew’s post on Getting Back the Legacy Maya HyperShade.