Modeling the Rocketeer Helmet With Maya 2016

3D-modeling superstar Alex Cheparev posts another modeling tutorial for Maya 2016 that shows how to model a Rocketeer Helmet. The helmet represents some great modeling challenges both in deform and details.

3D modeling tutorial of the Rocketeer helmet using Maya.

You might remember a while back, Alex showed how to model a stormtrooper helmet, that was posted as a time-lapse of the modeling process. This one takes a bit of a different turn, with some parts being time-lapse while others show the entire process throughly.

Maya has continually improved the modeling toolset over the course of the last few releases. While there weren’t any earth-shattering modeling tools added to Maya 2016, it did see much better and tighter integration of the modeling toolkit. Maya 2016 added some great new UV tools, selection and selection constraint methods and a great new pivot snap workflow.