Free Voronoi Generator Plugin for C4D Marks the Relaunch of

It has been long wait. was greatly missed while they were preparing for a relaunch. That relaunch day is finally here. The newly branded recently went online and with it, the release of a new Voronoi Generator Plugin for C4D.

The Voronoi-Generator is a python-plugin which allows you to generate a 2D Voronoi-Diagram or a Delaunay-Triangulation

The Voronoi Generator Plugin comes to us, freely, courtesy of Dominik Ruckli. Dominik has previously brought us the ultimately useful Ray Connector plugging for Cinema 4D.

The freely available Voronoi Generator is a python plugin that lets you generate 2D Voronoi Diagrams or create Delaunay Triangulation. You can use the Voronoi Generator plugin on a group of objects in C4D, or a  thinking particles group. The tool will also let you use a matrix object as the sides for the diagram.

Voronoi Generator generates single splines, spline loops, or even polygons. You can even optimize the polygons to a single surface with the tool. If you wanted to create fractured patterns for motion graphics or dynamics, this plugin is a must-have. Certainly, the price is right. Be sure to visit the newly launched and the Voronoi Generator Plugin.