Proc3Durale 2 Plugin for C4D is Faster & More Accurate Than Its Predecessor

A new version for Proc3Durale 2 goes online. César Vonc is known for some pretty great plugins and tools for Cinema 4D. Recently, Vonc has released a new version for his C4D Plugin that lets you carve out an object according to various noise shaders.

Proc3Durale 2, like the previous versions, can create some amazing animations. Like the previous versions however, Proc3Durale 2 is significantly faster. Using a new modeling algorithm, Proc3Durale 2 has way better performance over older versions, and offers a more accurate result as well. This speed gain means that the plugin can easily be used for production renders, with performance that will let you get the job done.

At one point, the plugin was free. Although Proc3Durale 2 can be used in a trial mode, the plugin is around $40.00. The demo versions is completely operational, only limited to a single noise material.

Proc3Durale 2 can run under Cinema 4D versions R15.064, R16, R17, OS X, Windows 64-bit.