Nyx Framework Used For Seamless Communication Between 3DS & Maya

You might remember the VFX house “You Can Do It!” who showed off their Nyx Framework, which was used for asynchronous communication bridge between 3ds max and after effects., called Nyx Voltron.

The company admits that the plugins surrounding the Nyx Framework were heavily focused on 3ds Max.

At the core, however, Nyx is completely agnostic. To drive that point home, YCDI posts some results from R&D work that shows what is possible.

The Framework allows YCDI technical artists to create plugins and tools. Charging the company’s Technical Director, Daniel Santana to put that fact to the test.

Two days later, Daniel came back with an asynchronous link between 3ds Max and Maya.

Nyx started as a distributed rendering plugin, but quickly developed into much more, by its creator’s Artur Leao, Daniel Santana and Jonathan de Blok.

Learn more about the Nyx Framework and Voltron here.


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  1. Johnny Farmfield

    Something made to work seamlessly with 3ds Max must have been conjured up using the darkest of the dark arts, I would be weary of such powerful magic. 😀

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