Open Color & LUT Color Management With V-Ray for Maya

Open Color (OCIO) is an open source color management system for film production, visual effects and computer animation.

how to use the Vray Frame Buffer to streamline your color management across multiple applications and departments.

Color is an important thing when you are rendering. It becomes even more important when you are required to follow some color guidelines or use color management within a pipeline environment.

Making sure that you see what the final result of the image will look like at time of compositing or output, used to be a difficult thing in Maya a few versions back.

With recent releases, Maya has adopted a unified color management system that expands from textures right down to the render view.

What if you are using a third party renderer though? Not to worry, as VFX Supervisor Timothy Hansen has you covered.

Here, MaxDepth (Timothy Hansen) posts a discussion on open color IO and LUT color profiles. Timothy shows how you can use the V-Ray Frame Buffer as a tool to streamline your color in multiple applications and even departments.