Maxon’s UX designer, Orestis Konstantinidis shows the power of using Range Mapper and iterations in Cinema 4D’s Xpresso.

getting started with a couple of the most powerful concepts in xpresso: Remapping values and Iterating.

Using the simple example of two interacting spheres in C4D, Orestis covers the basics of the Range Mapper Node in C4D. The Range Mapper node allows you to remap values using Xpresso, which can be quite helpful in a lot of tasks.

From animating gears to creating an accurate clock, the Range Mapper node can be quite helpful for rigging in C4D.

There are a few iteration nodes available in C4D, here, Orestis uses the hierarchy node, which will take an object and iterate it throughout the entire hierarchy.

You can download the final scene for this tutorial.