Learn how to create welded seams in your models easily. Adding the right details to your 3D models is an important concept to think about. Paying attention to details can make all the difference in your scene. While a believable shader material can do much of the heavy lifting to sell an image, it can only take you so far. An example of this would be metal.

A shader can have a model look convincingly like metal, but it is up to the model to bring the look the rest of the way home. Adding things like welded seams will not only bring the model to life, but it will also help sell the shaders and offer some much needed visual weight to constructed, metallic objects.

Here, Niko Schatz offers a look at creating welded seams in metal, on the model level. A similar technique was used by Remco who shows how to create welded seams quickly and easily for any model you are building in Cinema 4D.

The same types of details can work for other materials as well. Rob Redman had a similar premise for creating details in cloth or upholstery.