SLiB Leuchtkraft for Maya Updates and Cuts Pricing

DGDM’s interactive “light painting” tool for Maya, SLiB Leuchtkraft recently received some nice updates in version 1.5.

SLiB Leuchtkraft Update v1.5 is now ready for download! 

SLiB Leuchtkraft 1.5 will now allow you to paint on multiple objects without the need to combine them first.

It also adds a great feature where light rays can be displayed in the viewport. This will make it easier to understand the scene’s lighting plan at a glance.

SLiB Leuchtkraft 1.5 also sees a price drop from $199, so just $99.00.

Other New Features for SLiB Leuchtkraft 1.5 Include

  • New alternative paint mode for direct lighting. Light is placed along the normal of the hit surface instead along the reflection angle.
  • Paint on as many objects as you like. Combining is no longer necessary.
  • The light position/angle is now fully calculated mathematically. so no helper nodes, locators and constraints are needed resulting in clean scene files. Also objects no longer need to be “live”.
  • No need to move locators. Painting and editing highlights is now completely done via context dragger.
  • Camera now can be moved freely without changing the light angle.
  • Camera zoom function added for high accuracy highlight placing.
  • GUI cleaned and greatly improved. The upper area now shows the light-list and the lower area shows the (selected) light attributes. With the help of a splitter you can resize both areas to fit your needs.
  • Automatic light linking function. Just affect the object you painted the highlight on with a single mouse click.
  •  Duplicate lights (with textures/ramps)
  • Support for mesh lights.
  • Light rays can be displayed in the viewport.

SLiB Leuchtkraft allows you to place lights in your scene by clicking on the parts of the model where you want the light to display. You can also draw the type of light you want, directly on the model. This makes it easy to design the scene lighting visually. The plugin will let you control important lighting attributes through a single panel.