The Mograph Effector can be used for all kinds of things. Here, Florian Thamer shows how you can use them to control literally, hundreds of deformers.

Cinema 4D Artist, Florian Thamer posts an interesting look on the “geo-boil” technique that was first described by Digital Artist Simon Fiedler, using Houdini / Cinema 4D as a digital asset.

how to use a MoGraph Effector to control loads of Spherify Deformers.

A few others have re-created the effect in purely in Cinema 4D, and for the most part, Florian Thamer’s tutorial covers creating the same effect.

The difference is that Florian doesn’t use the collision deformer, as in the previous two. Also, Florian’s look is really about the technique and not the end result.

Here, Florian shows how you are able to control and manipulate hundreds of deformers using a Mograph Effector and a bit of Xpresso in C4D. Useful, right?

Florian ends use using hundreds of Spherify Deformers and random and plain effectors.