SLiB Browser PRO 2 is Faster, Smarter and More Fun

DGDM releases a new version Browser Pro for Maya. Version 2 sees a complete User Interface overhaul, making it faster, smarter and better to use.

The interface updates include a responsive dock-able panel, and a new toolbar that lets you quickly access important features. Browser Pro 2 alls adds category thumbnails and more room for notes and Meta Data support. There is also a new category tree view, which makes it easier to get around to the assets that you are looking for.

The previews themselves have been improved, with new full size previews when you hover over  a thumbnail.

SLiB Browser Pro 2 Features:

  • complete GUI overhaul – faster, smarter and more fun
  • Asset Category Treeview (unlimited sub-sub-sub-…categories)
  • Meta Data Support
  • Advanced Asset Search through Meta Tags
  • Improved IPT (Interactive Placement Tool)
  • New “Material Picker” Tool
  • Multi-Library Support
  • New HDRI Asset Type Section
  • New Paths Section

Browser Pro 2 is a free download for all version 1 users. There is also be an introductory price of $45 on right now, that will go up to the regular $65 with the beginning of the new year. Visit DGDM for more information.