London-based motion graphics designer, Ion Opera, posts a quick look at how he converted a static tree model into a dynamically animated one, using C4D hair. There are a few ways that you can incorporate dynamically driven animation into a scene or model in C4D, as there are a wealth of tools that are designed to do so.

A quick way to make a dynamic tree blowing in a wind out of a content library model using hair module.

Hair ends up being a really useful tool for animation. Taking the basics of what the dynamic hair module can do, you can apply it as a solution to all kinds of animation problems in 3D.

Here, Ion shows how you can incorporate C4D hair, to make a static tree’s leaves automatically and dynamically blow in the wind, giving the tree a much more natural and realist animation, that wouldn’t come from animating the same tree by hand with deformers.

The tree is a standard model that comes in the Cinema 4D Library. Using this technique, you can get some new life out of old models by using a bit of dynamics driven by C4D Hair.