…if you still want to stick to Hair there is this quick workaround

There are a number of ways that you can render wireframe outline within Cinema 4d. One of the simplest ways is to use Sketch and Toon, after all, that is one of the tasks that it really excels at.

It is possible though to use the speedy rendering of C4D’s hair, to create wireframe renders, it to render edges of your model in your scene. It’s actually a simple process that just requires 1 intermediate step.

Here, CyBear, Lars Scholten posts a look at how you can easily use Hair to render edges.

Hair can allow for some faster rendering times, which can be an advantage over sketch and toon, but it can also allow for some interesting rendering effects as well. It is pretty easy to create a write-on or drawing on effect by animating the hair length.

How to Render Edges Using Hair in Cinema 4D

  1. Select the object that you want to have the hair draw the edges for.
  2. Under the Mesh menu, select Commands > then choose Edge To Spline.
  3. Place the Hair Material on the newly created spline object.
  4. Animate a “write-on” or drawing on effect by keying the length of the hair.