How to Create Curly Hair for Characters in C4D

Laura Porat shows how to tweak C4D hair to create curly hairstyles for characters.

Characters come with all kinds of challenges: modeling, rigging, and creating clothes and hairstyles. It is the latter that is the subject of Laura Porat’s latest tutorial. Laura shows how you can create luscious curly hair using Cinema 4D’s hair Module.

Jack of All Trades: Cinema 4D Hair.

Porat shows her settings for creating great-looking curly hair, indicating that it’s not that difficult. 

Hair in 3D is a utility for all kinds of workflows. You can use dynamic hair for more than just creating hairstyles. Hair is useful for creating grasswebs, and animation/rigging tricks.

About Laura Porat.

Laura Porat is an animator and graphic designer working in virtual reality and post-production, check out her site here.