Motion Boutique Advances Layer Creation and Animation in After Effects

Motion Boutique, creators of the defect physics engine for After Effects Newton 2, have released two new product that assist and automate layer creation and animation in After Effects. LayerGenerators is a script of three tools that will help to automate the creation of Layers in After Effects.

Built to solve the problem of working with a large number of layers in After Effects, layer creation can be done “in bulk” using the new script. LayerGenerators comes with AlphabetFromText, which generates an ASCII alphabet using the font style of a selected text layer, generating each character on individual layers.

Solidity, allows you to easily create a large number of colored solids, which can conveniently inherit the properties of an ignition solid. Finally, the last tool in the suite, VectorIcons generates icons as shape layers, drawing from a vast array of 3000 vector icons or so.



The layer creation tool that is LayerGenerator can be used with Motion Boutique’s second release, Pastiche, which represents a novel way to create and animate layer colleges easily. You can take hundreds of layers in After Effects and arrange them inside of a shape. You can even animate, or morph the arrangement. Pastiche offers simple to use controls for scale, rotation and opacity, letting you fine tune the collage intuitively.

Both can be found individually rescripts + aeplugins, or as a bundle which includes Newton2, Pastiche, LayerGenerators at a special price.