If you are just getting started with Character Animation in Maya, or want to up your skills a bit for creating a walk cycle, Mr. H tutorials are a great start. Initially posting videos for classroom use, Mr. H has been doing the “good work” in helping educators and students learn and implement animation in a classroom setting.

an overview on how to animate a basic walk-cycle in Autodesk Maya

Here, Mr. H covers how to quickly make a walk cycle in Maya, in under five minutes. Knowing where the cycle starts and ends really helps as you can copy and paste similar keyframes. In fact, you can use copy and paste throughout if you understand the basic 5 poses needed for a walk cycle.

If you want to have a longer look at every step of the process, Mr. H covers that in another video, showing how to animate a walk cycle, as he is doing it, rather than a voiced over time-lapse. For more great animation tutorials in Maya, Flash and Photoshop, check out Mr H’s Channel on YouTube.