Motion Designer and Ae Template creator, Voxyde, shares a dive into creating “fake user interface” FUI elements in After Effects, showing how to build a neat looking technical bit, using only Ae native tools.

In this tutorial we take a look at creating HUD interface design

Of course the tutorial walks through using shape layers and using them to all their benefits in After Effects. It also interestingly shows how you can use Particle Playground to generate the outer shapes of the FUI elements.

You can download the project file for the tutorial if you visit Voxyde’s page. As a bonus, there is also a free tool that will help you create technical looking elements in your natural workflow. The HUD Toolkit script was designed by Voxyde specifically to assist in creating HUD design, FUI elements, and lots of technical and science fiction looking bits.

The script offers a panel that brings forward all the Ae tools you need for cloning, creating arrays, and functions for splitting layers into grids for creating FUI elements, all in one handy place.