Convert Your After Effects Animations Directly to iOS Code

Animations are being used more and more in user experience design, as well as contextual user interfaces for app development. Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert your after effects animations easily so that they can work within the framework of app development? Well, now such a thing exists, and it is called Squall. This After Effects extension lets you convert Ae animations directly to iOS code.

Squall is a set of tools to help you bridge the gap from After Effects to native code for iOS

Squall is designed to help bridge After Effects animations to native code for iOS. With it, you can output animations right to production ready code, and preview them live on your device to make sure that it all works correctly. The best part, is that it does this with a single click within after Effects.

Squall for Ae offers an SDK that you can integrate with your app, as well as API’s that can adapt animations on the fly. You can generate Core animation code, and copy / paste right in After Effects.

Visit Squall at aescripts + aeplugins for more information or to purchase Squall for $99.99. [via Robert Paige]