Get Realistic Looking Fabric Shaders With Arnold in Cinema 4D

Kamel Khezri has been creating great, in depth rendering tutorials for a variety of rendering engines in Cinema 4D for a while now. Recently he has been posting free excerpts from the latest course, “Developing realistic shaders in Arnold for Cinema 4D, Vol. 01”. The latest shows how you can create very realistic looking fabric shaders using Arnold in Cinema 4D.

Fabric can be a tricky thing to make look convincing in CG. There are a few different types of fabric that have a vastly different look to them — for example, velvet, versus linen. Here, Kamel shows how to create a network that will give you realistic results for fabric and velvet.

In this tutorial comes to use as an excerpt from “Developing realistic shaders in Arnold for Cinema 4D, Vol. 01“.