HDR Light Studio Adds Area Lights to C4D, 3ds Max

LightMap releases an update to HDR Light Studio, bringing long anticipated area lights to both the Cinema 4D and 3ds Max connections for the software. HDR Light Studio 5.3.3 allows users to interactively create and control an area light and the HDRI Map with the same artist friendly ease.

An introduction to the new area lights feature in the Cinema 4D Connection for HDR Light Studio. In this example we use Octane Render.

This means that area lights allow you to have the same control as any other light type in HDR Studio. A single click can switch a light from the HDRI map to a full fledged area light in 3D space. You can actually moved back and forth between HDRI map lights and 3D space easily.

You can even position Area Lights with Light Paint, by clicking on the 3D model in the Render, working as reflections, illumination, rim lights. When using HDR Light Studio via a Connection to Cinema 4D, the new Area Lights are automatically built by the Connection plugin, with the correct shader network for the renderer that you are using.

Right now, Cinema 4D Connection supports Octane, Maxwell, Thea, Arnold and V-Ray.