A couple of months ago, Concept Designer, Klaudio Ladavac posted a look into an Editable Boolean Toolkit that he was working on. The tool would allow you to work more efficiently with Maya’s own boolean tools, bringing hidden features and workflows to the forefront through an easy to use panel.

KTools is a Booleans Toolkit and collection of scripts intended to improve booleans workflow in Autodesk Maya. 

Claudio recently released the Toolkit, which works in Maya 2016. Tools is a collection of scripts and tools that are designed to greatly improve Maya’s own boolean workflow. The Boolean Toolkit allows you to manipulate boolean objects directly in the viewport. Again, this is a natural feature of Maya’s boolean tools, but Ktools makes it a much easier endeavor.

The Maya Boolean Toolkit offers a lot of tools that can save you some time when modeling, such as selecting hard edges, beveling, dissolving corners and edges, and one click flip and mirror options make Ktools Boolean Toolkit a must-have, especially if you do a lot of hard surface modeling.

Ktools can be found on Gumroad for $10.00, check the page for more information.