Paint FX has been almost muscled out of the spotlight with newer tools like Xgen and the motion graphics toolkit in more recent days. Even though there has not been many advancements in Maya versions that deal with Paint FX, it is still a very useful tool for quickly getting things like trees and grass. IT is really simple to use, and offers a huge range of presets and consummation, and versatility.

Learn Paint FX fundamentals by creating a realistic scene with grass and a tree.

Here, Visual Effects Artist and Instructor, Bhaumik Patel walks new users through the fundamentals of using Paint FX in Maya, by creating a realistic grass and tree scene. Bhaumik has a comprehensive introductory course that will allow you to explore and get familiar with Autodesk Maya, that covers everything from modeling to rendering out images.

In Fact, you can get a discount to the course, Learn Maya – A Beginners guide to Creating Realistic Scenes, by following the link, for 35% off.