Think you need a fluid dynamics system for fire and smoke effects? Think again, you can use X-Particles FLIP. You can actually use any system that has a FLIP, or Fluid-implicit particle. A FLIP solver, uses a hybrid between a particle based and volume based fluid simulations. X-Particles has a FLIP Solver, so technically, you can create smoke and fire effects with it.

all of the components of the X-Particles FLIP Solver as it pertains to making fire and smoke simulations

To show us this is, Motion Graphics Artist, Noah Witchell, as he walks through all of the components that make up the FLIP Solver in X-Particles, detailed in relation to creating fire and smoke effects. Noah shows how you can animate the pertinent values of the X-Particles FLIP solver to get some really nice looking explosions. No Turbulence FD required.