It’s finally here. The highly anticipated plugin or Cinema 4D that allows you to create and use unique clones within a Mograph group. The Populate plugin for C4D is mean to extend Cinema 4D’s Mograph tools, giving you separate control over unique clones, with a wide range of parameters.

The unique clones can either be randomly generated, or controlled with a high degree of precision, using the familiar falloff tools in C4D. Using unique clones, can open up a whole new world in C4D. In fact, you can set up your object once, and then create a practically endless amount of variations.

Fill your scenes with natural looking backgrounds quickly, and animate populated clones with the same tools you would use for standard Mograph clones.

Populate Plugin Availability

The Populate Plugin is compatible with Cinema 4D R15-R17, Mac and Windows, and costs around $140, or added to your Curious Animal subscription.