Have a Look at C4D R18 New Python-Based Xpresso Presets

Maxon launched Cinema 4D R18 at Siggraph, adding some great new features to MoGraph, Effectors, Object tracking, plus a whole lot of other stuff, including some new Xpresso Presets.

An introduction to the new Python-based Xpresso Presets in Cinema 4D R18.

The new presets were developed by C4D Plugin Developer, Niklas Rosenstein and include some really useful nodes.

Manipulating Weights

Invert Map and Copy Map nodes lets you play with the affect of weight maps and selection tags, and can be used to restrict the affect of deformers on an object, dynamically.

Read and Write Selection Tags

If you are familiar with Xpresso in C4D, you may have noticed that there isn’t a native node for writing out selection tags. Xpresso always had one for writing Vertex Maps, but selections tags needed a 3rd party tool.

Now, C4D R18 comes with two new Xpresso nodes for reading and writing selections tags.

Two New Logic Presets

Two new logic presets make their way into R18, an “is same object” and “is selected/active”. These can be great for interactive setups in the viewport.

Previous version had a way to do something similar by checking off, “object is selected” in the interaction tag.

The new Xpresso nodes will make it easier by having those settings in the Xpresso environment.

New Memory List

Previous versions of C4D had a memory node, which grabbed a value and stored it so that it can be recalled easily. The limitation is that it can only store one value for the current frame.

The new Memory List node can store multiple values for the same frame.