Maya-Like HotBox Tool Comes to Nuke

If you have ever watched anyone work in Autodesk Maya, you quickly realize how great marking menus and the hotbox can be. Sometimes called radial menus, pie menus or simply a hotbox, they are a quick way to access everything and anything in the application. It is pretty much every command at your fingertips.

…A Hotbox for Nuke, similar to the one found in Autodesk Maya…

It is such a workflow enhancer, that other applications have started using them, from Blender to Photoshop. Wouldn’t something similar be helpful in Nuke? Certainly Dutch compositor, Wouter Gilsing thought so.

His Python tool for Nuke adds a hot box that is similar to the one found in Maya. With a stroke of a key, you can have a selection specific menu that appears under your cursor. W-hot box is made so that it is fully customizable, allowing you to easily add and modify buttons that will fit how you work.

Watch the video above for a demo on how it all works. The hotbox tool for Nuke is available on Nukepedia.