Quixel Announces the Largest Scan Resource Ever, MegaScans

Quixel recently launched a beta for MegaScans, an all-inclusive subscription service that connects users with a massive and ever-changing scan library. Touted as the largest scan resource on the planet, MegaScans is a standardized library that contains thousands of scanned items from all over the world. MPC has already been using the scans, which can be seen in their work in the film “The Jungle Book”.

100% standardized library with thousands of scanned items from all over the world

Quixel also simultaneously announced a new line of tools, that work with the physical scan library, Mega Scans Studio and Mega scans Bridge. The tools allow users to easily mix and customize the surface scans, and also let you quickly exporting scans to major engines and renderers.

The beta unlocks a substantial part of the Megascans natural library, with more waves coming during the course of the beta, including organic and hard-surface scans, such as fabric, bricks, metal, tiles, rubber, rust, wood and so on.

The online Mega-scans library is available as a subscription. Pricing ranges from $19/month for hobbyists, to $29/month for freelancers. There are also additional options for studios and indie teams. The new scan-based tools are included with the subscription for no additional cost. Visit MegaScans for more information.