15 Tips for Modeling More Effectively in Cinema 4D

Regardless of being a new user, or a seasoned professional, running through some tips for best practices in any discipline is always a fun thing to watch. Here, 3D Artist, Konstantin Magnus, walks though some tips for modeling more effectively within cinema 4d.

Konstantin walks through some tool techniques, but also provides a great foundation for the more conceptual things that go along with best practices modeling: Organizing scenes, setting goals, planning for topology, and using reference effectively.

Topics covered:

1. Reference images, blueprints, backdrops, measurements
2. Organizing scenes
3. Amount of polygons
4. Plan topology
5. Define Goal
6. Begin in flat land
7. Order of execution
8. Check after each step
9. Repeat, dont fix
10. Focus on complex areas first
11. Isolate problems
12. Backups
13. Keep it parametric
14. Use textures for high frequency detail
15. Abstract

This is not Konstantin’s first tutorial that deal with modeling. If you are just starting out with modeling in Cinema 4D, there are some other great step-by-step tutorials from Konstantin Magnus that you can run through. A nice place to start is the run though for modeling, lighting, shading and rendering of an Alpha chair based on reference¬†images.