How to Get Clean Geometry from the Boole Object in C4D

Glen Johnson covers working with the Boole object in C4D and how to manage clean results using a “containment” technique.

Glen Johnson is an in-house artist at Maxon HQ whose work often reflects the intricate and technical details of some fantastic hard-surface models. Johnson latest tutorial expands on his “containment” modeling technique to show how you can get clean geometry when working with the Boole object in C4D.

The Boole object is somewhat hit and miss in C4D sometimes offering a fantastic solution, while other times it provides a real mess. ” I will explain how Maxon Cinema 4Ds Boole is actually your friend!” Johnson says on his tutorial. “I explain how clean geometry is the key to success with the Boole tool for clean Booleans and how using the “containment” method will help the Boole tools to create clean geometry for you.” Containment modeling is something Glen brought up in a previous tutorial that showed how to optimize scenes that use splines and generators.