Growing Intertwined Knitted Surfaces in Houdini

VFXHomeland posts a look at animating knitted surfaces, using their free Houdini Knit Solver asset.

how you can create the growth effect using Houdini knit solver

The Knit Solver is one of VFXHomeland’s freely available Houdini Assets that also includes a fantastic Droplet solver for creating dew and water drops on objects, including realistic animation. The Knit Solver can wrap any object in knitted fabric, and that is what this tutorial shows how to do — How to grow intertwined fibers into a knitted surface, based on the shape of a base object.

The Knit Solver allows for three different types of “knits”, using a unit, cell for the effect. You may have seen the first part of this tutorial that shows how to use the Knit Solver for creating knitted surfaces in 3D. This one covers the animated wrap effect that can be created using any geometry as a base. If you missed the first part of the tutorial, which overs the Knit Solver basics, you can view that with the video below.