A Closer Look at the Cloner Updates in C4D R18

With the recent release of Cinema 4D, came a ton of new features and refinements to Maxon’s premier 3D application. One area that received some love in C4D R18, is the Mograph Cloner. Some are new features, but some are really nice workflow improvements as well.

Here, The Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel walks us through some of the updates to the Cloner Object in C4D R18, showing some of his favorites. The latest release saw some new effector updates with a new Push Apart Effector, that can reduce or avoid clone overlap easily. There is also some new distribution functions for the MoGraph Cloner and Matrix Objects, with a new Honeycomb Array, and Clone on Axis tool.

In addition to those, theres a new and completely revamped MoGraph Cache Tag. This means that multiple MoGraph Cache tags can now be used and blended between on a single MoGraph object, and Cache tags can be saved to external files.