Easy Grease Pencil Squash and Stretch by Using Bones

When animating with Blender’s Grease Pencil, you can use bones to assist with some animation. If you use bones along with hand-drawn animation, you can use motion paths to make some nice arcs for animations. The OpenToonz Training Channel has been taking a look at Blender’s on screen pencil tools. That is with good reason. Blender’s Grease Pencil is rapidly becoming the artist’s animating tool of choice.

Watch how you can reduce the number of in-between drawings you need when using Grease-Pencil, by using bones to help out. This will allow you to keyframe and interpolate some animation off to bones. The video uses a bouncing ball’s squash and stretch animation as an example of animation that you could create by keying armature bones, specifically B-Bones, or Bendy Bones. Interesting technique.