New Textured Brushes Get Added to Blender Grease Pencil

Blender Developers show off Grease Pencil using textured brushes for a more natural look to shading and strokes.

What a fantastic idea that Blender Grease Pencil is. What started as a markup tool, expanded into so much more than most of us could have imagined. It’s the best of 2D and 3D merging in one amazing tool for animators and artists alike. A recent posting by the Blender Developers shows grease pencil with new textured brushes.

New brushes will let you draw and paint strokes that look like natural ones with paper texture behind them. There are already an impressive amount of controls to the strokes. Learn more about Blender Grease Pencil brushes here, or download the Blender 2.8 beta here.