Check Out Blender Grease Pencil’s New Cutter and Guidelines Tools

Blender 2.8 beta gets new Grease Pencil cutter and guidelines tools to help draw shapes faster.

The Blender Developer’s channel posts a look into two new Blender Grease Pencil features (Cutter and Guidelines) that aim at making the process of drawing in Blender much faster. Cutter will let you delete out of bound and overhanging 2D lines by simply gesturing a stroke. Working like this will make it super-fast to clean up drawings.

Guidelines is a tool for drawing strokes based on grids and guides. You can choose from circular, radial, parallel, or grid-based snapping to draw outlines. Working with guides like this will seem familiar to you if you have seen how Lazy Nezumi Pro works in Adobe Photoshop.