Getting to Know Houdini Particles, From the Emitter Up

Particles, and int his case, Houdini Particles, sort get lost and often drowned out by seemingly more advanced simulation tools. Pyro, Smoke, and Fluids all sound pretty exciting. Still there is a case to be made for using particles. They tend to be a pretty lightweight system. The are fast and art direct-able. They render really quickly!

This is why SideFX has posted a recent replay of a particles webinar. Ari Danesh offers a beginner’s to intermediate’s look at everything that is Houdini Particles, from the ground up, or in this case, “from the emitter, up”.

The Houdini Particles webinar walks through the cycling of three core concepts, over the course of a few different projects. The concepts are creating emitters, setting up particle system and rendering. The projects cover creating a radial space explosion, looping Houdini Partilcles, Having rain slide down an umbrella or any other surface, motion blur packed particles, sprite rendering, and of course, instancing.