How to Use Photogrammetry to Scan Reflective Objects

How to Use Photogrammetry to Scan Reflective Objects

The Ten 24 Scan Store, posts a look into scanning reflective, transparent and refractive objects with photogrammetry. The example uses an ornamental glass bowl that is scanned by a series of photos.

The key of course, is to prepare the surface somehow. There is a spray coating for just this very situation. The 3D Coating Spray produces an opaque white coating to prepare shiny, translucent or very dark objects for a 3D scan. This might not be an option for all objects, especially for ones that you don’t want to permanently destroy.

The article written by Ten 24’s Director James Busby covers the entire process from beginning to end. This includes the scene files that comes with ZTL, textures, a MODO scene file, and an OBJ of the final scan.

Check out the post for 3D Scanning Reflective Objects With Photogrammetry.

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