RigFast Offers Complete Web Browser Rigs For After Effects

New RigFast Web Browsers are 7 fully rigged web browser styles for After Effects. You can animated them as if they were real web browsers within Ae. Scroll, rollover, click, and resize just as if it were a real browser.

The description for the product says that it is great for UX designers, prototyping, but i can reach further than that. I can’t mention the number of times that I have had to create a web browser animation for a screen replacement in VFX. This would be the perfect tool to speed up that process.

One of the best things about RigFast, is that they are created 100% with shape layers, and allow you to drop in your own assets.

Just drop in your own web page graphics and never waste time cutting up screen grabs of browsers again. Both mac and pc styles included.

Visit aescripts +aeplugins for more information about RigFast Web Browsers.