Foundations for Houdini Proceduralism in Motion Graphics

Side FX Software’s Jeff Wagner Discusses How Houdini’s Proceduralism can be Used in Animation and Motion Graphics

Side FX Software posts a talk that Senior Technology Consultant Jeff Wagner gave for a London Procedural in Motion Workshop. Speakers for the workshop included Entagma’s Moritz Schwind and Manuel Casasola Merkle, ManvsMachine’s Simon Holmedal, Pixeltrain’s Helge Maus.

Wagner shows off Proceduralism in Houdini for motion graphics and animation. The term “Proceduralism” is a growing one, meant as a moniker to encapsulate the idea of using stuff to build stuff in Houdini. Wagner covers the building blocks, or the cornerstones that make up Houdini, showing how a workflow that is based in proceduralism can work for motion graphics and more.

The Procedural in Motion Workshop ran earlier this month and was a half-day of educational sessions focused on procedural 3D workflows for motion graphics and advertising.