Solving Animation Challenges With Moho’s Smart Mesh

Moho’s animation tools range from 3D objects, to a 3D environment, as well as 2D. An animator can even work somewhere in between in 2.5D. Moho allows you to bring in 3D models and even render them with cartoon-like shaders. That doesn’t mean that 2D can’t solve an animation problem. Moho’s Smart Mesh can go a long way.

Moho’s Smart Mesh lets you makes your imported artwork into a pliable elements. Bones and Pin Bones can make for some easy handles. Those two features alone can offer a wide variety of solutions.

An example of this would be trying to animate a car driving down a winding road, into the sunset.

Sidney based Artist and Illustrator, Luke Marcatili shows his approach to this animation challenge. Using Smart Mesh and Pin Bones on an illustration of a car, Luke manually changes the car’s perspective as it ambles down the road. The car is brought into Moho in pieces so that each part can be manipulated individually as well as together with the rig. Like offers some great tips for working with Smart Mesh in a situation like this.