Scribe is a Great Way to Create Write Effects in Ae

No matter how prepared you are for write, or white-on effects in After Effects, there will always come a time where you are back to manual tedium. Write effects are a point of contention amongst Ae users. I know I’ve come across tutorial after tutorial showing how to do it, do it quickly or do it so you never have to do it again.

Still, there are products like the Animography animated typefaces that bring a different approach to write effects in After Effects. Adding to that list is Tomas Sinkunas’ (RenderTom) new Scribe.

Scribe is a small animated typeface library that allows you to quickly create write effects. Scribe encompasses 6 mono-line animation ready typefaces that all take on that “handwritten” feel to them. All you have to do is choose a typeface, and hit the button.

Scribe is brought to you by CompCode, so it is creating a series of shape layers and controls for animation of those layers in After Effects.

That doesn’t make the product any less useful. If you find yourself gathering tools, typefaces, and scripts for write on effects in Ae, have a look at Scribe to add to your library.