Watch a Moho Animator Assemble a Walk Assist Rig

Moho Animator Troy Picou post a short vid that shows how he sets up a walk asset rig. Moho is designed for character animation. The application includes animation tools such as bones, IK solvers, and driven animation as well, called smart actions. Basically everything that an artist / animator would need.

One of the best things of having independent tools that were designed to work together, is that you can build your own rig. Here, Troy puts together what he calls a “walk asset rig”. This is something that he picked up by watching a vid that was in Russian. Pulling apart the techniques and following along, Troy tried out a few things and came up with his own.

The walk assist rig makes it easier to create walk cycles in Moho, working with a more flexible IK system for the character’s legs. An interesting process here.