V-Ray 3.4 Core Tech Comes to C4D


A massive update to V-Ray comes to Cinema 4D, bringing both CPU and GPU rendering and a host of other features. This has been a long awaited update to the rendering add-on, bringing all the features up to date with other V-Ray plugins.

V-Ray for C4D finally uses the V-Ray 3.4 core technology. If you have used V-Ray for C4D before, this will be a huge deal for you. The list of features that are new, are massive.

The Good

The good news is that there are a ton of new features that users can befit from and dive into right away. V-Ray 3.4’s rendering speed will be a welcome improvement for C4D users. It is much faster overall in ray tracing and rendering performance. This includes faster path tracing GI, brought by optimizations in the core.

The update of course includes the new progressive sampler that was introduced in V-Ray 3.4, including the variance based adaptive sampling and dynamic bucket splitting. It also includes the denoiser in the frame buffer and as a stand alone tool. This can greatly reduce render times by using lower sampling settings, and cleaning the renders up after the fact.

The Bad

There are a few last-minute things that didn’t make it in this release, but will be coming in the next service packs. Features like the V-Ray frame buffer on MacOS, Glossy fresnel, resumable renders, VR direct output, saving deep images, support for OpenVDB and node based material editing. Also missing is updates to the IPR preview window, and adaptive lighting.

The Future

The V-Ray C4D team have posted the roadmap for additional features. This includes:

  • V-Ray production Interactive mode
  •  Nvidia MDL Materials (gpu & cpu)
  •  Hybrid CPU and GPU rendering
  • VFB redesign
  • DR Linux support*
  • Google cloud support (via Zync)*
  • Presenz support (V-Ray output plugin)*
  • Support for Chaosgroup new scanned material format


  1. Why is vray4c4d not developed by from chaos group? Why are both companies using the name Vray?

  2. Well well well…. vray is an awsome engine however they are a little late in the game as for c4d intergrations go, we have maxwell, arnold, octane and many more constantly being updated and improved, i dont see why people would use this for c4d unless they come from a max, vray background, i use octane with 2x titan x it will be interesting to see how vray RT handles these

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