Rendering is technical. Even at its most basic, there are a lot of things that you need to know. This is because rendering encompasses lighting, cameras, lights, and rendering engines. Each rendering engine has its own workflow and things to tune for the scene at hand. You really need to know the settings that can get you a render without taking forever.

If, however, you don’t want to mire yourself in settings and all the technical bits that go with it, you don’t really need to. This of course will be at the sacrifice of time. If you have more time than technical ability, this tutorial is for you.

3D Artist Dimitris Katsafouros shows how you can render in Cinema 4D, the easy way. Throwing away lights, settings and fancy render engines, working with C4D’s Standard and Physical rendering.

Dimitris shows a method for using only the reflectance channel in C4D alone. This basically turns C4D’s standard and physical renderers into an “unbiased-type” renderer, offering some really great results. Using dimitris’ techniques, you wont have to worry about light settings, or any other settings really. You can focus on the content without the gadgetry.