Make Better Wrist Rotations With Angle-Based Corrective Shapes

Kasper Larsson is heading up a new bipedal rigging course, which will be available on his site, Manoanim. We can check out the quality of the course by Kasper’s recently published lecture from the course, that has a look into using corrective shapes for a character’s wrist.

[pullqoute]take a bad wrist rotation and apply a corrective shape to make it better[/pullqoute]

The technique used doesn’t use any joint or control angles. Due to this, you get a simple and clean angle value that you can use and work with every single time.

Kasper noticed confusion from many riggers as to how to actually activate this kind of blend shape because of Gimbal rotations messing with the triggers.

The full biped course is going to be available at Manoanim, have a look at the week by week outline for Animation Biped Rigging.