3 Ways to Make Clone Indices Visible in Mograph

Working with the Cloner in Cinema 4D? There are times when it is helpful to know the clone indices that are associated with the clones in your scene. Perhaps you want to affect certain clones with python or Xpresso. Knowing which ones you want to affect becomes important.

There are a few ways that you can have the clone indices show up. Depending on how you want to work with indices, each offers a slightly different workflow. Maxon posts a quick tip that shows us how.

You can click on the cloner object, and set the display mode under transform to show indices. This will show you the numbers for all clones in the viewport.

Alternatively, you can choose the mograph selection tool under the mograph menu. This also gives you the option to show indices. The difference is that they don’t show up until you hover the cursor over a clone.

The third option is to create a selection of clones, and turn on the indices display in the selection tag. This will show the numbers for only the elected clones.