How to Light Scenes in C4D Using Only Luminous Objects

Jonas Pilz Shows an Important Quick Tip That Can Help With Lighting Using Only Luminous  Objects in the Scene

Jonas Pilz’s posts short 1 minute quick tip that is an important step if you want to illuminate your scene by luminous objects only. With physically plausible rendering such as Maxon’s physical renderer (or any 3rd party render including C4D’s own ProRender), users have the ability to have brightly applied materials to actually and physically emit light.

One concept that is common throughout 3D applications, is the fact that most will have a “default” light source. The default light is usually there so that you can quickly render things while you are working — While modeling for example. The default light, however, will interfere if you want only luminous objects in the scene. Pilz shows where you can turn off the default light when using C4D’s ProRender.