Chop Up Any Model in Maya With This New Slice Model Tool

Maya’s Slice tool has gone through some iterations over the last little while. Still, if you need to cut a model into an arbitrary number of sections, the tool falls short. What if you wanted to slice a model into segments all at once? Slice Model Tool.

Thanks to Mumbai based Character Supervisor Abhishek Karmakar, you have a tool for that. The Slice Model Tool for Maya will let you chop up a model at the clip of a button.

Although it seems like a vertical tool to have, the Slice Model Tool can easily make abstract-like shapes from a model. Think voxel-style, blocky, representations of higher resolution models. The tool might be nice to have around if you are trying to represent a 3D printed style, cardboard animations, or a graphic look to a any model.

The Maya extension comes with a soft transform mode, letting you animate the slices in interesting ways. Add some dynamics for even more possibilities.

Have a look at what is possible with the Slice Model Tool, and visit GumRoad where there is more info, or purchase it for $6.